Favorite Roads – Columbia Gorge


Starvation Creek Falls

Trails, ravines, creeks, waterfalls, plateaus, valleys – vista’s ah yes the vista’s – a visit to the Columbia Gorge is an opportunity to visit one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.  But it can get crowded.

My recommendation – and something I have been doing more in the past year – is to visit the lesser known spots, especially on the Washington side of the river or at the eastern edge of the Gorge.  It is an opportunity to explore the geological and topographical variety of the Gorge as you travel from the wet western side to the arid eastern plateaus.

Recently I got up early one Sunday (ok it was insomnia) and drove out to a popular wildflower spot on the arid eastern side of the Gorge.  No one there to see this sunrise except me and a few crows.

Catherine Creek plateau looking east. 

Catherine Creek is a popular trail area – and because of its drier location – it will be one of the first spots in spring to have wildflowers.  But go early like I did – the small parking lot gets full fast.  This is a good thing – I love seeing families enjoying this special spot.  The hiking is easy and the scenery is wonderful.

The Columbia Gorge has so much to offer.  Take the road less traveled and discover your own special place.  If you want some ideas – leave me a comment and I am happy to share.


Cabin Creek Falls



10 thoughts on “Favorite Roads – Columbia Gorge”

    1. Try insomnia! Thanks for the compliment. I am taking more time to take pictures and with tripod, etc. – its best if I go to the quieter spots or go off hours. Plus golden hour and all that… Take that new camera out for a spin!

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    1. Denzil – thank you so much. I had not had a chance to shoot much this winter so I have been enjoying my recent trips in our area. You have been a big inspiration for me to explore my region more – and to share here on the blog!


  1. We hiked there years ago on our way to Portland. It was spectacular. Thanks for sharing. As for the insomnia… in women of a certain age (as I think you and I are both😉), all you can do is say to yourself over and over again, “this too, shall pass.” And it ultimately will. In the meantime, a dawn hike is the perfect way to embrace your circumstances! Happy hiking.


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