Sense of Place – Portland & Snow

A rare blanket of snow in my neighborhood from January, 2016.

Portland is expecting a snow event in the next 24-48 hours. 

Those two words don’t go together very well.  Its like Pepe LePeu and the Paris cat getting together – not pretty.  It doesn’t happen very often but when it does – the city shuts down.

Even though half of our city is now immigrants from places that regularly get snow – we still manage to fuck it up.  These are people who know how to drive in snow.  I am not saying we Oregonians don’t add an appropriate amount of chaos to the situation – we definitely do.  But somehow all sanity leaves perfectly good drivers when cold weather comes to Portland.

Here is why… Portland is uniquely located at the confluence of two things: 1) the Columbia Gorge which is a perfect conduit for frigid cold air from the inland and 2) the Pacific Ocean.  Moisture meets frigid air doesn’t create fluffy, pretty snow.  It creates ICE!

A lesson in keeping your garage clean so the car fits!

Snow in Portland is like the brother in law no one likes and who annoys everyone at holiday gatherings.  Thankfully – just like your annoying brother-in-law – snow doesn’t visit us very often.

PS – I take the bus. 

6 thoughts on “Sense of Place – Portland & Snow”

  1. It doesn’t help the situation when the local newscasters are hyping the (remote possibility of) bad weather 2 days before said event. They just amp everyone up. And although we native Portlanders are kind of terrible snow drivers, I always rely on that saying: “You don’t like the weather in Portland? Wait 10 minutes.” (And I walk away humming Four Seasons in One Day.) 😊

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    1. Shelli – They sure have been hyping up this storm… I am not sure it will be as bad as it sounds but they convinced all the schools to close so the kids are happy. I hope you you are safe and warm somewhere!


  2. I remember when I first moved to Oregon, many years ago, from Minnesota. I was in Eugene, and heard on the radio Portland had 4″ of snow and was pretty much shut down. I about fell off the bed laughing. Now I’m more of a wuss, but it’s that nasty ice you mentioned that makes me more nervous about driving than snow.

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