The Fence

Today’s blog I am going to talk about The Fence!  Not that fence.  Today’s fence is the one protecting us from ourselves.

Let me confess right now that I am an Instagram fan.  I love sharing my photographs and learning from other photographers.  It is one of my favorite pastimes while riding the bus, waiting in line, sitting alone in a restaurant or coffee shop.  I really like when my photographs are “liked”. So I recognize that I am part of the problem.

Transparency moment – I really like to follow rules.  And I get unhappy when others do not do so. Second transparency moment – I too have broken a rule or two trying to capture that perfect photograph.

But the ocean is different.  Too often I see photographers taking reckless chances.  I grew up in Hawaii where you learn to have a very healthy respect for the water.  I have learned not to venture too close – especially with something as unpredictable as the ocean.

The picture below demonstrates how dangerous and thoughtless we can be when trying to get that perfect shot.  This was taken at Cape Kiwanda – one of the most photographed and beautiful spots in Oregon.  But every year someone dies on these cliffs.  They call them “sneaker waves” and they can come capekiwandadangewr-1and rip someone off a cliff without warning.  (Note: thankfully the photographer above ended up being ok.)

Over the past 8 months, locals, concerned Oregonians and the Oregon State Parks are contemplating a bigger and more forceful fence at Cape Kiwanda.  I have mixed feelings about this – as my good friend Ray always says (when referring to that “other” fence) – build a bigger fence, they build a bigger ladder.

My last words… be careful out there.  No amazing photographic moment is worth your life.  Sometimes it is ok to admire the ocean and not take a picture.


Above is another moment and shot taken at Thor’s Well in Oregon – a very popular Instagram and photography spot.  Again everyone was ok but I am sad to tell you that I later learned that the gentleman on the right was the tour leader for a group of amateur photographers.  Certainly not teaching his group the first rule of photography – be careful! Respect nature!


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