The Day After

What a day of reaction from family, friends, co-workers, baristas… yes baristas weighing in on this &**%$#^ election.  There is an odd camaraderie I have felt in these hours since our worst fear has become reality.

I don’t have children of my own but I am auntie to many – and that has been my deepest heart ache.  How to express my apologies to the younger generation.

I don’t know about others but I have appreciated the email communication from a couple of organizations – AFAR – a travel magazine – Oregon Wild – preservation of Oregon’s wild areas.  Genuine, heart felt letters acknowledging the pain that so many of us feel.  But also giving us hope.

This is a dark hour for America.  But an opportunity for us to do better.  What saddens me is that 50% of our populace supports a sexist, racist, egocentric man – but there is still 50% of us who are willing to roll up our sleeves to fight this hatred.  What is our legacy? How will we be remembered?




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