How freaky is life?


On the eve of our presidential election – I am doing what I can to focus on the distant horizon.  Or distract myself processing pictures from my recent trip.  One of these pictures of a young couple stopped on the sidewalk of Barcelona gazing up at the Sagrada Familia – had me humming the Four Seasons song “You’re too good to be true… can’t take my eyes off of you.”

That lyric just rang true for me when looking at this picture.  How many times have we been stopped in our tracks while traveling – stunned by the marvel in front of us?  Although the Sagrada Familia is not my favorite sight or even my favorite cathedral – I understand its magnetic draw.  It is really hard to not stare it.

So hearing that song a mere 15 minutes later on the coffee shop radio – made me think how freaky life is.  We don’t stop enough and just set our eyes on something marvelous.  Something we can’t take our eyes off of…


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