3 Places (out of many) I want to visit and why


Many people I know have a version of what I have just decided to call “the list”.  The Bucket List, the List of 100, 1,000 places to go before you die (ugh that is singed with a reality I don’t really want to think about).  Inspired by A Wandering Memory – and his musings on the magical travel list – I thought I would share some places I want to go from my list.

  1. Camino – I have been dreaming about the Camino since 1995 (see my first blog post) – and I have been (for lack of a better word) totally lame for not yet going.  The providential rib-sharing moment this past Saturday with the director/producer of the Camino documentary – plus tales from my friend Sue’s recent trip – this trip for me is long overdue.  As part of my week away to review and plan for the coming year (back in June, more on that later) – I have put some baby steps in place to make this happen. Stay tuned.
  2. Visit a bakery in Malta.  Hmm.. that must seem completely random.  But back in 1976 – when I was a wee lass, I sailed around the Mediterranean for 6 months with my grandparents, aunt and two cousins.  We spent a few weeks in Malta and every day my grandmother would send my cousin Ian and I to the local bakery at the very moment that the bread would come out of the oven.  We would buy a loaf and run back to the boat for afternoon tea and delicious warm bread. It is one of the most wonderful memories I have of my grandma. I want to return to Malta for other reasons – but I am going for that afternoon bread moment.
  3. Myanmar – for obvious reasons (see my friend Steve’s blog stevievolz.wordpress.com).  Architecture, culture, lovely people – and a chance to see this relatively untrammeled country before it becomes overrun Thailand-style.

What’s on your list? Where are you going next?


8 thoughts on “3 Places (out of many) I want to visit and why”

  1. I am doing your number 1! It’s been in the plan for a couple of years but finally going for it very soon! There is a lot of ‘folklore’ around the Camino trip so maybe, when you are meant to go, you will?! Best of luck, Jacqui

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  2. Definitely in on Myanmar. Hope we can get it to work out for one of our vacation periods. Tricky w/ the monsoons and their breaks being close to the same times as ours. I Facetimed with them on Saturday. So crazy we can do that!

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    1. I know. I have a pretty good idea based on where the harbor is and how we walked up the hill. The other cool thing was that there were very few ovens in homes – so when the bread came out – there was also a line of women collecting their respective baked goods that the bakery put in their oven along with the bread. Not sure if there was a cost for that – I never saw money exchanged. Just one way they shared resources. Very cool.


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