Travel by book

Santorini, Greece

Not ready to go to Myanmar for two years?  Not enough money to make that dream trip to Europe or SE Asia?

Thankfully there are books to fill the wanderlusting soul within you.  Travel books are a hobby (addiction) for me – books in general are one of the great joys (addictions) of my life. I am beginning to realize I won’t live long enough to read all the books I have in my bookshelves, on the floor, under the bed, in the basement, and the ones still in boxes from when I moved 13 years ago.  WTF??

But traveling by book is one way I fill my wanderlust.  And apparently others do the same.

There are online bookclubs (Around the world in 80 books on Goodreads) – people blog about it – – I am not alone.

The point is, reading is a powerful way to travel and learn and has inspired me in a thousand ways.  After reading Lawrence Durrell’s “Reflections of a Marine Venus” I put Rhodes on my bucket list/list of 100.  I had no idea what the Camino was until I read Jack Hitt’s book.  And I have read many more books about the Camino – because if you can’t go – read!

My favorite travel books combine history, art, culture and atmosphere – when you read these books you want to sit with a sheepherder in Greece on a mountain and drink ouzo.  Or you want to smell the foods and hear the sounds of a street market in say… Myanmar.

If you want recommendations I am happy to help – if you have suggestions I would love to hear about them.  My particular niche is Greece – if you are going or want to travel by book – ping me and I can give you some great suggestions.  But I would love to hear yours… (FB that means you!)


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