I think the man in the hat did something wrong…


If you can name the movie where that line was uttered – you win a really cool snarky mug.  I love snarky.

So if you do know what movie that line came from – you will know it is one of the best movies ever made.  In the 80’s.  With an ensemble cast.

Ok enough clues.  You have to figure out the rest.

If you know the movie – cultural bonus points for you – but if you know the artist and painting – that means you are a culturally literate person or possibly an art history major – OR you have been to Amsterdam and been to the Rijksmuseum and know that this painting is one of the most viewed paintings in western Europe.

Which got me to wondering – what are the most viewed paintings in the world – Mona Lisa most certainly tops the list… but after that – do you know?  Who keeps track of this type of important info?  There is always an answer on the internet – but before we go there… “Studio audience was asked what are the top 10 paintings viewed in the world…survey says…”

Here are my guesses (I took Sistine Chapel out of this list because it is officially a fresco – but my guess is it would be #2 after Mona Lisa):

Mona Lisa – Da Vinci

Starry Night – Van Gogh

Lilies – Monet

girl with the pearl earring – Vermeer

Nightwatch – Rembrandt

Picnic painting at the Chicago Art Museum (can’t recall artist at this moment)

Self-portrait – Van Gogh

American Gothic (Grant Wood I think)

Guernica – Picasso

Birth of Venus – Botticelli

What paintings did I miss?


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